Team Sailing and Club Champs antics!

On a bleak Saturday morning, the 420 crew, Learn to Sail team and some dedicated Finnsters shook off the few raindrops as everyone set up their boats in the still, humid air. The threat of rain, huge gusts and thunderstorms didn’t deter us, as we charged into the tide with our boats in tow.

Before too long, the static of radios filled the calm harbour, as cries of “starboard” and “rights” were thrown across the placid water. The wind hesitantly filled our sails, allowing the boats to partner up and dance down the course, holding others back to let their teammates through. Before long, the juniors were showing up the rest – in their rules at least! Protest flags were flown, and the seniors were left doing their turns – paying penance to whatever rule they broke, whilst the juniors gallivanted off around the course.

Laughs filled the boats, as one of the skippers was shoved overboard, scrambling back into the boat before the rain fully set in. We were soon forced back to shore, the rain proving to be persistent. We were soaked through – especially those that were pushed in! So, we quickly derigged the boats in anticipation of someplace dry and warm!

Despite Saturdays rather unpleasant weather, the club was bustling on Sunday, Juniors and Seniors, old and new filled the club, leaving the start line full of competition, as we all fought for the right spot. However, the wind was not on our side, leaving us drifting through the course, some of us even finding alternative means of propulsion!

It was a great weekend sailing, although we did miss the wind a bit…

Next weekend (17th and 18th February), we have our annual Clarks Beach trip, with a picnic at Glenbrook. Hopefully we will see you all there and ready for an adventure!!

  • Zoe Allan