Ladies Have a Go

New Zealand is blessed with amazing sailing talent and beautiful coastal waters. We also have some of the best female sailors in world. At Waiuku Yacht Club we’re very keen to keep it that way. In terms of multi-faceted pastimes there are few to compare with sailing, from racing budget single handed dinghies to cruising the world on mega-yachts as paid crew, sailing offers sport, employment and recreation like no other.

Following the huge success of our initial Ladies Have a Go weekend we’re again offering this introduction to sailing for any Ladies of teen age upwards. This is a chance to challenge yourself, to inspire the kids, the other half, or just to have a break. Waiuku has a great little club and perfect waters for learning on.

The course is over two days, day one is the basics principles, some time on the water and if you’re keen the chance to take the reigns. Day two builds on those basics and aims to have you helming a boat around a triangle course.

The course dates will be dictated by demand so please send us your details and we’ll keep in contact:

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