Rigging the 420

The weather of the Junior muster and club opening day could have been better however we still had the faithful coming out to have a look at our new 420 being launched. A very big thanks to Rotary for there generous donation of the funds to make this all possible.

The day started out with the majority of us gathering around the new 420 and figuring out where everything was and getting the boat rigged up. Some potential LTS parent and kids also have a bit of a look.  While we gave the parents and kids a light tour the rigging and head scratching continued.

All rigged up

Finally the boat was rigged up and ready to go with many happy smiles aroud the members. These boats have been long awaited and will allow us to fill a gap we have had in the clubs sailing. There is a good path forward from our Learn to Sail -> Learn to Race -> 420 series for our kids.


Time for the launch

Finally we it was time to launch, Father and son team Max and Hamish were the luck team to brave the cold waters which very quickly turned there huges smiles into a grimaced faces as the cold water hit their feet. However these faces were sooon turned into huge smiles and shouts of joy once they were under way.

The only other boat out on the water was Gerard on his Finn however it gave a good comparision on the two boats performance. Give the junior crews a bit of time and they may be giving the Finn sailors a run for there money in the right conditions.

LTS registrations

Meanwhile back inside the club rooms where it was very much warmer with tea and coffee, we give the new website a bit of a test run with the Learn to Sail expression of interest page being used to capture all our keen budding sailor’s details.

If you have any friends or family or strangers you meet keen on joining the learn to sail program please send them this link where they can enter their interest. https://www.wyc.org.nz/learn-to-sail/lts-expression-of-interest/

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