Sailing weekend 11th & 12th November

Saturday Sailing:
Despite almost no wind and low numbers we had some great successes.
1. Casey and Eliza did a fine job of getting our 3 new LTS sailors on the water and into the deep for capsizing, and sailing back to shore once the breeze came up.
2. Eva and Sienna went Feva sailing and loved it. They made great progress and looked like they got a feel for the boat and sailing together.
3. The Abbott and Batten families took to the water in various craft and had a fun time, mainly chasing ducks.
Big thanks to Dawn and Dave for their OOD watch – fortunately and unfortunately not much to do but it was good to know we had that area covered.
Sunday Sailing:
Conditions on Sunday were more challenging than Saturday, with shifty, gusty SW 10 – 15kts.
Dave and Mike dominated the Finn and Zephyr fleets respectively, with the conditions making it tough for the chasers to get a break.
The new LTS sailors headed out to find some decent breeze and sailed really well with only a couple of capsize. Back near shore coaches Casey and Eliza worked through tacking technique to get this sweet for next time.
Both Tazs and Fevas were on the water, with the Abbott crew having some fine genaker runs, while Eva and Sienna did a bit of swimming as they came to grips with the tricky conditions. However they showed great genaker trimming skills, curling the luff, once they got an experienced helmsman on board.
The great turnout from the Franklin Young Mariners saw them enjoy some great sailing tucked into the sheltered western bay.
The teams points are well underway after three sailing days. Team McGee have an early lead on 28 points; unsurprising given that 9 of the 15 team members were on the water on Sunday. Team Duff had a visit from John himself on Sunday and sit a close second on 27, with Team Erikson within striking range on 23. If you are wondering exactly how points are earned, well, you are probably going to have to keep wondering, but the key is to get to the club, and get on the water (including representing the club at regattas).
Upcoming sailing
Glenbrook School are sending 12 of their best for an intensive 3 day sailing course, starting Monday 12th.
Next club sailing is early (0900) on Saturday 25th with the second Up the Creek fun race.