420 Coaching

Big news for our 420 Sailors, we have a Coach!

Through Yachting New Zealand we’ve secured a keen young coach to get our fleet up and flying. We will have his services for at least the start of the season and things going well that will extend through to the end.

The first coaching session starts this Saturday at 8:45am (18th Nov), we’d like to have full attendance for these session so please let Zoe know if you can / can’t make it.

It’s a $5 koha for the coach to cover his travel so those attending please bring along.

See you there, WYC
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Upcoming Labour weekend racing

Race weekend Programme

Just a reminder of the events and OOD’s for this Labour day weekend are:

Saturday 21 Oct – OOD is Dave Allan – Start time 11:45 am
Intro to racing sprint course and drills

Sunday 22 Oct – OOD is Peter Burgess – Start time 12:15 pm
Club Champs and Breaker Series

Monday 23 Oct – OOD is Andy Saunders – Start time 1:00 pm
Labour Day

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Pre-Pay your race fees on the website

We all know race days can be full of things to do, however, we can now cross one off the list. You can now prepay for your weekend’s race fee here if you have not already paid the seasonal racing fee.

420 Launch and Junior muster

Rigging the 420

The weather of the Junior muster and club opening day could have been better however we still had the faithful coming out to have a look at our new 420 being launched. A very big thanks to Rotary for there generous donation of the funds to make this all possible.

The day started out with the majority of us gathering around the new 420 and figuring out where everything was and getting the boat rigged up. Some potential LTS parent and kids also have a bit of a look.  While we gave the parents and kids a light tour the rigging and head scratching continued.

All rigged up

Finally the boat was rigged up and ready to go with many happy smiles aroud the members. These boats have been long awaited and will allow us to fill a gap we have had in the clubs sailing. There is a good path forward from our Learn to Sail -> Learn to Race -> 420 series for our kids.


Time for the launch

Finally we it was time to launch, Father and son team Max and Hamish were the luck team to brave the cold waters which very quickly turned there huges smiles into a grimaced faces as the cold water hit their feet. However these faces were sooon turned into huge smiles and shouts of joy once they were under way.

The only other boat out on the water was Gerard on his Finn however it gave a good comparision on the two boats performance. Give the junior crews a bit of time and they may be giving the Finn sailors a run for there money in the right conditions.

LTS registrations

Meanwhile back inside the club rooms where it was very much warmer with tea and coffee, we give the new website a bit of a test run with the Learn to Sail expression of interest page being used to capture all our keen budding sailor’s details.

If you have any friends or family or strangers you meet keen on joining the learn to sail program please send them this link where they can enter their interest. https://www.wyc.org.nz/learn-to-sail/lts-expression-of-interest/

All the weekend’s images are in our Gallery

If you would like to see all of yesterdays images please head over to our Gallery. 

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new revamped website. It has been designed to be more dynamic and allow our members to interact and to get the latest news sooner. You will also be able to subscribe or unsubscribe yourself to the club newsletter. There are also many other features which we will slowly start using over the next few weeks. As always if you have any feedback about the website please don’t hesitate to grab Andy or Rob.

Also like most new shiny things there may be an occasional glitch to work out. Please let us know if you find one. We think we have captured them all but these gremlins sometimes have a way of slipping out of our gremlin jail.

We hope to see you all at the club this weekend for our junior muster, plus it is a good time to come see the clubs new 420’s.

Rotary Support secures first 420

The Waiuku Yacht Club has been a presence on our sailing shores for over 60 years.

Now, with the generous support of the Rotary Club of Waiuku, they’re hoping to provide greater sailing opportunities for local teenagers.

Commodore of the Waiuku Yacht Club, Gerard Lelieveld, said the Club noticed a drop off in the teen yachting segment. “We researched the reasons and found teens were wanting a social, team based yachting program, and one that would connect in with their schools.”

The Club’s fleet were all single manned sailboats, so team racing wasn’t possible.

But now, thanks to $6000 donated by the Rotary Club of Waiuku, they’ve just purchased a 420 class, dual crew sailboat. This enables the Club to launch a new teen targeted sailing program. Competing at the NZ Secondary Schools Champs, plus the Regional and North Island 420 Champs, whilst having lots of fun, will be key focus of the program.

“We’ve seen teen teams doing match racing style sailing with these sorts of boats, and they raved about how much fun it was. Now Waiuku teenagers can experience first hand, the fun to be had on the water,” said keen 16 year old sailor Zoe Allan.

The Rotary Club of Waiuku raises funds through its annual Sunset Coast Walk and Book Fair, and donates to a number of deserving causes each year.

WYC Winter Regatta 2017 / 18

There has been a change to the Waiuku Yacht Club’s Winter calendar!

In two weeks time we’re putting on an informal two day Winter Regatta to welcome home the Finn Masters competitors from Barbados (or rather the large container holding their boats.) This is a Sat / Sun affair with racing from 1:00pm on Saturday.

We’re expecting plenty of Finn’s on the water, and given the steady rise in Zephyr interest we’ll see a few of those too, but all classes are welcome and encouraged (note it is still Winter sailing so not suitable for our less experienced Juniors.)

For the travellers, please let us know if you need accommodation.

*WYC Winter Regatta 2017 / 18*
Waiuku Yacht Club, Sandspit Reserve.
Saturday, Aug 26th 2017 – Start Gun: 1:00 pm     Sunday, Aug 27th 2017 – Start Gun: 1:37 pm
BBQ post racing!
Note: Aim to be at the clubhouse at least an hour before start gun for setup, briefing and practice.

Hope to see you there, Waiuku Yacht Club

AGM 2017 August 8th 19:30

The 2017 AGM will be held on Tuesday the 8th of August at 19:30 at the WYC. Plenty on the Agenda and a big year ahead, interest will be high with the America’s Cup results. Please come along with your ideas and enthusiasm so we can have another great year on the water.

2017 Clarks Beach Overnighter

This years Clarks Beach Overnighter was once again a great finish to the LTS program. Numbers were low this time around but the skill level of the sailors was right up there so that boosted the enthusiasm and meant everyone was well up for it.

The weather for the start was perfect for filling a fish bin, not a breath of wind until close to midday when a breeze from the NNW slowly began to fill in. By the time we hit Glenbrook for our well-earned sandwiches the breezes was an ideal 10 knots and progress was easy.

Arrival at Clarks Beach was mostly smooth but for the club secretary somehow capsizing his Zephyr on landing, this feat was perhaps topped by one of our LTS sailors proving Geoff’s theory wrong that it’s impossible to hit the rocks because the swift tide will save you.

The afternoon and evening were followed by the standard entertainment of touch rugby, cricket, tall stories, Sea Biscuit, BBQ, more tall stories, spotlight, and so forth. The addition of a throw net and buckets of sprats was a popular drawcard, more popular than the sprat fillets fried up for breakfast.

After a slick morning cleanup and preparation, we were on the water in good time to catch the tide. The breeze was up and from the South which made for a lot of tacking practice to stay in the channel to make use of the current. Wind verse tide also made for plenty of water over the gunnels particularly in the exposed spots off the Steel Mill and into the Sandspit basin. Everyone arrived safely with a minimal amount of towing completely another quality year of Learn to Sail.

Many thanks to the sailors, the parents and supporters, and most importantly to the coaches who give their time to make it happen.

To the LTS graduates, well done for completely the LTS program, we’d really like you all to keep on sailing at the club so keep an eye on the program and get back down to Sandspit whenever you can.

AGM 2nd August 2016 7:30pm

The 2016 Annual General Meeting will be held at the WYC on Tuesday 2nd of August 7:30pm . It would be great to have as many people attend as we can muster and as always, new committee members, new ideas and opinions on last season are very much welcome.

The 2015/16 season was a big one, it would be great to get the next off on the same track, so please come along.