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21 October 2013

Wow, what a site. The whole rigging area chocker with sailing people. More learn to sail kids than I’ve seen for a while and keen helpful parents supporting them. A big effort for the junior learn to sail crew to manage so well done Geoff, Justin and your helpers.


20 boats out there racing with lots of interested spectators on the shore. The junior racing team is growing at last with a hand full kids enjoying their racing. Geoff organised a video of their days racing for them to watch over a pie and drinks in the club rooms after sailing. Lots of laughs. Awesome.   


2 new Finn sailors, Chris Alexandus who now owners nzl 232 Rays old boat, and Nick Bush sailing Jims Nzl 227. Both sailed well and easily managed the race course.

9 Finns fronted for Sundays series and that’s without Stoney, Ray, Peter H, Peter Helps, Illia, Justin, Geoff, Royce, Matt, John, Butch and Nzl 13 so when the big regattas come around we may have record fleets.


So who sailed. Mark, Dave, Gerrit, John D, Dirch, Jim, Chris, Nick and NZL 23.


3 exciting races sailed with the top placing being spread around.

Dirch and Mark shared top spot.  Dirch 1,2,3 result and Mark 3,1,2. Nzl 23.  4,4,1 and Dave 1,5,4.

Jim Van Der Goodare representing the United States of America sailed well to secure a 3rd in race 2. With Hit masts from Holland and a new sail that he had to change the numbers to 27, he was fast, but for some reason still had USA on the sail. We know who won the Americas cup Jim, so if that was a joke to rub salt into the already bleeding wounds, it worked.

All results were hotly contested amongst the boys with placing changing hands though the whole fleet.


John D and his long time Finn buddy Gerrit sailed the 3 races without running into each other. Gerrit has his boat looking good again after some damage in a port starboard incident last sailing weekend. Duffy delivered a bottle of rum to Gerrit during the week to ease the pain. This always works.

 We will see a lot more off Duffy now that he has retired from work, lucky bugger. Congratulations John from the Finn Team.


Those guys that are around we will have a working bee one night to replace our inner start pole and look at the wash down hose problem.

Also with the outside interest in the WYC at a high we need to have our sailing program and club details in hand out form for the visitors and potential new members to take with them. Something to talk discuss at the next meeting.


More club sailing in 2 weeks. Will keep in touch.


Nzl 23  


25 September 2013

A good turnout for the winter Finn champs.

Dave, Ray, Dirch, Jim, John, Gerrit, Justin, Illia, and me.

Triangle courses both days with fast reaching and close uphill battles.

Dave is sailing dam fast. His fitness is as good with all the bike riding, and the motivation videos he’s studying are paying off. Dave took 4 guns and a 2nd over the 2 days. Ray had a DNF in race 2 after breaking a tiller universal. This allowed nzl23 to take 2nd spot in the regatta with Ray 3rd.


I’m sure Ray can’t wait to get his new mast and sail combos up and running so he can find some more speed.


Great courses set by the ever reliable Kevin McGee and his side kick Tane Mahuta.


Justin sailed well and was happy to have matched raced everyone at some stage during the weekend. Maybe looking for a bit more speed with a mast change. He finished the regatta with a broken boom but Mr fix it Gerrit is on the job.


Dirch had his mind on other things like lying on the beach in the Philippians’. This usually up the front sailor spent more time upside down than a foiling moth.


Duffy enjoyed the conditions, but sailing came to a shuddering holt when he and Gerrit had a pretty bad port starboard collision. Gerrit will be busy getting the boat ready for the North Islands in 3 weeks, but if anyone can my money is on Mr Fix it.


Illia finished all races so had a mid fleet finish. He even broke his de rigging record by 30min, it now only takes him an hour and a half.


Jim had his usual speed until his sail ripped, but showed his still the king of the debriefs.


I really enjoyed the up wind battle with Ray and Dave, and it’s good to have my complete rig back and nzl23 felt fast.


All the results are on the web site and thanks once again to the WYC  for running the event.


One more weekend sailing at WYC in a fortnight before the North Islands.




4 March 2013
We have a new mangrove champion. Yes the “slippery, sly, smooth, smiling, sailor”  (sssss) Dirch Andersen wins the annual up the creek race.
Contested by 5 Finns it was a close contest with each creek adventure having its own start so a total of 4 races was a good format for this prestige trophy.
This year the Waiuku port buoy was placed right at the wharf so on lookers  had a good view of the Finns.
I doubt  if there is any other Finn race in the world that would come close to this classic race.
One of the set rules is you need to retrieve a mangrove leaf at some stage to qualify for the cup. A great light hearted Finn day.
Dirch Andersen             1,2,1,2 = 6
Dave Hoogenboom    3,1,5,1  = 10
Alan Dawson                 2,3,3,3 = 11
Jim Goodare                  4,4,2,4 = 14
John Duff                        5,5,4,5 = 19
On Sunday saw 8 Finns contest another Champs day as part of the champs series. Light westerlies but good sailing conditions.
Excellent close racing with Mark Perrow taking to 1st gun from Dave Hoogenboom and the ssss in 3rd.
Race 2 saw nzl23 picking the wind shifts better, to lead at the bottom mark with a beat to go. Trying to cover the fleet I let Dave slip through for the gun. Dirch and Mark finishing 3rd equal.
One of the fastest boys was Butch in his Vanguard. Just needed to remember the right course and may have taken a gun.
Marks 1st sail with his wilke mast. Lookout fleet when we have some more breeze. I’m picking he’s the one to beat. 
Jim, Duffy, Royce and Gerrit all had their moments, but if you got the shifts wrong you lost out big time.
A great Finn debrief with lots of talk about the “Waiuku 2013 Finn Masters “regatta on the 29, 30,31 of this month. This is the one regatta that you owe your Finn to be there. Lots of talk about making this regatta the best ever. Up to you.
More sailing this weekend. Saturday and  Sunday. Will do a Bacon and Eggs on Sunday. Early start.
Word has it Matt Coutts won the Sth Island champs at Christchurch, thus winning the Craig Monk Trophy for this season being our #1 ranked Finn sailor. On behalf of the boys, well done and deserved Matt.
Thanks for supporting the Waiuku Yacht Club.

From: Dawson, Alan AJ
Sent: Tuesday, 12 February 2013 9:34 AM
To: Dawson, Alan AJ
Subject: Finn Flash
What a couple of great weeks sailing us Finnsters have had. Sail Auck and the nats at Taka.
Sail Auckland was hard on the old boys, but an absolute delight watching the young guns handle the conditions. Josh Junior, Andrew Murdoch, Matt Coutts and the experienced Karl Purdie reviolating in the 30 plus conditions with Josh coming out on top.
Akarana hoisted us well with the usual debriefs and friendly service. They are very keen to see us sail there whenever possible. Maybe a sign of the times as most clubs seem  down on numbers.
Lots of new boats with Andrew Murdoch and Tom Brien now part of the Devoti club. But the performance of Mark Perrows’ La’moure Finn sailed by Timo Hagoort was an eye opener as well.
So 11 races sailed by some , Awesome win to Josh Junior, then a 2 day rest before the Nationals at Takapuna.
Lots of high lights at the Nats
·         Great fleet, 18
·         Legend Ralph Roberts overseeing the whole regatta on and off the water.
·         Takapuna Yacht club amazing facilities and friendly members willing to help and advice.
·         The bar prices. $4 a handle, Yes $4 a handle. $40 got you 10 beers as we learnt over the 4 days. And excellent meals.
·         The deck, wow most of the older guys were spilling the beer while drinking, scared to miss the amazing sites on the beach. Seeing a G string stretching her hammies, wow breathless. One of the members even thought the boys looked all right. Hmm who was that.
·         Having Finn legends like Clifton Webb, Dan Slater, Ralph Roberts and Rafael Trillijo present  was an extra bonus and all willing to share their thoughts.
But number one for me was the racing and camaraderie amongst the fleet over the 9 races. Awesome close racing with many personal battles happening amongst  the fleet. And deserved national winner Matt Coutts humble and proud of his 1st place and now becomes “NZL 1” by Winning the Nationals. A worthy champion and very delighted skipper. My mistake when I thought his mother was his younger sister, but great to see his family there to watch the prize giving .
A big thanks to the OOD ,his crew and staff.
Many moments to remember. Ssss Dirch Andersen sailed dam well. Pipping Dave Hoogenboom in the final results.
Timo Winning race 1 and 9 in the La’moure.
Matt Butterfields performance sailing my old Vanguard. I won’t tell you how many times he beat me.
The South Island crew of Chris Wells, Denis Mowbray and the master Ben Winters making the trip up with their 3 Devotis and man so competitive on the water and at the bar afterwards.
The improving performance of Young Tymen Vanrooselaar and Tom Brien though the regatta. As well as Karl Purdie and his famous C Tec mast finishing 4th. { when will the wing appear }.
Also our life member Gerrit Bearda and the orange roughie looked to have had a great week. Hoisting John Duff after a few wines would have been a big night, and yet back out sailing the next day.
Thanks to Dallas Bennett for joining the fleet by  sailing Geoff Letchers boat. Once he found a sail that worked Dallas was amongst the action and enjoyed the regatta. Dallas is one of the boys who is helping with the boat we are putting together for new Finnsters to use and then hopefully join the  fleet. Also thanks to the other members who will be helping with this project.
My highlight. Yes last race finishing {beating} Champion Matt, new man on the block Josh, and having the last laughing rights over Dirch. Man that felt good.
Lastly a healthy AGM with lots of positives thoughts. Still the masters to come. Waiuku yacht club will host a fine regatta. Let me know if you will be attending and will check cheap on accommodation and start  the social programme rolling.
My last thanks go to secretary Ray Hall. Sailed two good regattas. He handles all the pressure, not scared to call a spade a spade, and must be proud of his associations year so far. Sailing in numbers helps all the work he does seem worthwhile.
7 boats from the Waiuku fleet was a reasonable turnout. Those that couldn’t make it, this was the best all round nats sailed for a long time.
Hope the South Island boys had a safe trip home.
Mark your calendar for the Finn Masters 29 30 31 March.
All results will be on the Finn web site. { Dave}

From: Dawson, Alan AJ
Sent: Tuesday, 29 January 2013 11:57 AM
To: Dawson, Alan AJ
Hi All
A great weekend. 2 days sailing, some kite fishing and too many refreshments.
Dirch and I chaste each other round on Sat for some good on the water time, then off for an entertaining west coast kite fishing experience. 16 snapper.
On Sun we were joined by 8 more Finns. Special guest appearance from Peter Horton was a bonus.
A nice easterly breeze 10<>15 knts, with hero to zero shifts greeted the fleet.
Most consistent and sailing dam fast was Mark P with a 1st and 2nd result .
Ray H, with his new Rafa design Doyle sail, was not quite there in race one, but after a rig adjustment showed a clean pair of heels in race 2 . Dave H, the owner of 3 Finns, and if he hasn’t told you yet that he is a veteran of 26 yrs Finn sailing “just a pup” was mister consistent as usual.
Dirch and I basically matched race each other both days and our personal results show a draw.
Race 1 had Royce H reaching  home on his own breeze to take a cheeky 4th place, pipping me and Dirch on the line, and Jim G, Gerrit B , Butch and Peter H fighting out the miner placings.
A good days sailing ,with the lead changing hands regularly, is a healthy resulted for the class. Proof of this was the positive banter at the debrief.
Now for sail Auckland. Maybe the 1st regatta I’ve entered and  looks like I’m the old man of the fleet. Be interesting to see how much respect goes with that.
4 days, 11 races wow here we go. Will have to dig deep to keep up with the guns. But will have a good time.
Then 2 days off and we will see you all at the nationals. TAKA here we come, Finns galore.
Now I just have time to get the Haines Hunter  “CHARDON” ready for a snapper trip Wed.
CUONDAWATASN                                                            -
Hi Finnsters.
Heaps of sun, some keen sailors, but zero wind for the day. So Royce, Gerrit, Peter, Smash Dirk, Jim and myself had a mast day with all of them going on the test rig. Gerrit had his new repaired Kiwi wing mast and Royce with his altered noddle mast. Peter is close to ordering his new sail. Dirk just checking his C Tech, and me getting the numbers for the Kiwi mast I purchased off Dan.
Royce was kept busy writing down all the numbers, and at times not sure if he was coming or going with all the info being thrown at him. Later he was spotted going home with his trailer light board facing forward.
We had the usual Peter H feed, and an enjoyable debrief on the deck as the sun blessed us, and some first time visitors that joined in.
Margret H was spotted knitting baby clothes, so we questioned Peter on there destination, but he assured us that his family is complete. Margret just smiled.
Well here's hoping next time we get to have a sail, till then,


Hi Finnsters.

5 Finns sailed the first winter series on Sunday. My boats in bits, but I enjoyed laying the course and running the boats starts with Margret and Tane Mahuta.

We sailed 3 races in 8<>10 knots from the w/n/w with up and downs and a gate thrown in. Ray dominated the racing but was pushed hard by Stoney, in fact Stoney was leading race 2 at the final top mark rounding, only to be taken out on a port /starboard incident by the sssss Dirch.

Stoney won race 3 form Dirch and I sailed Rays boat for a 3rd placing. Hard to compare his boat to mine, other than totally different feel up hill, but felt slippery  down wind.

Royce is right amounts the action, and the  fine tuning approach is starting to show, with better boat speed. We measured his mast at the debrief, so maybe the carbon vibre is coming out next. Can't wait to see the "Rolls Royce" version.

Peter Hull  enjoyed his sail, and won first prize at the debrief. Another good feed ,thanks Pete.

Our next sail is a month away, so mark it down on your must do list. The winter program is on the WYC web site.


 Ray. 1 1 0.      Stoney. 2 2 1.      Dirch. 3 3 2 .      Royce. 4 4 4.       Peter. 5 5 5.          Alan. 0 0 3.

Hopefully The Village is ready to go next outing.





Hi Finnsters

Another season over for the WYC.

The match race day had only 2 Finns front. Was a bit early, but excellent tide and wind. Geoff Letcher  set the course and Peter H and NZL23 had a  race in 10<>12 knots.

I started the next race with Geoff sailing my boat against  Peter. Then me in Peters boat and last Geoff in Peters boat against me.

Confused, well  here are the results.

Alan nzl23 beat Pete nzl179. Geoff nzl23 beat Pete nzl179. Geoff nzl23 beat Alan nzl179. Final. Alan nzl23 beat Geoff nzl179

Sunday saw the last club Champs races run with a 10<>15 westerly.

The start was crucial and nzl 23 read the 1st beat better and managed an early break on the rest. Then held on to beat the fast finishing Ray H and Stoney. Next was Gerrit , sssss Dirch, Royce, Justin and Peter.

Ray gave us a sailing lesson in the next race with Geoff 2nd and Stoney 3rd. Gerrit and nzl23 4th equal with ssssss Dirch 6th then Rocye, Justin and Peter.

We had a 3rd race, and what I predicted all season happened. Rocye and Justin showed the fleet a clean pair of heels and sailed away. Justin match racing him the whole way around the triangle course, but 100 meters from the finish Justin infringed and had a penalty called which gave Royce an easy win. Great to watch.

Stoney will put a winter program together asap and email it out to you all.

Prize giving is early next month so check the club web site. Geoff is down loading the Nat photos so we can all see them.

Wow that "Ben Anslie" back big time. Be interesting to hear Dans' thoughts on the new rig set ups being used and how he feels about his progress and what the guns are up too.




Hi Finnsters.

Well, back at work after 8 months. What would I rather be doing. You guessed it, preparing for another Finn regatta.

The pre medal race on day 4 will stand out as one of my favorite Finn high lights. Watching the underdog "Peter Hull" round the top mark first, and the support he received from the yacht club balcony was a sight to behold.  Even the class mentor ,Dan Slater was jumping up and down screaming "go Pete" with the rest of the medal race boys.

Congratulations to the 2011 champion Dan Slater, even when a few of us tried to get him night clubbing most nights, he still put in a dominate performance in the Waiuku conditions with fluky easterlies. Dan also praised the venue and suggested the Nats should be held here again some time.

I'm sure all the sailors agree we had 4 days of fun on and off the water. The kitchen bitch, Peter Hull, and his lovely helpers Margret, Shana, Glenys and Michelle made sure we had heaps to eat, and the BBQ at Kevin Stones was an extra treat. Thanks Stoney. The bar never ran dry and we banked heaps, so thanks to those that helped to make the whole event work. There will be a few T shirts left over 3xl $35.

Now to thank the OOD Marcus Firth. What can I say. I new running the regatta at Waiuku would have its issues. We discussed them most mornings before sailing and agreed on a pre race daily briefing so our opinions could be aired and voted on to the benefit of the sailors and the class. This worked well and solved most problems so a successful and full regatta was sailed. Thanks Marcus, Alan, Kevin and all the local volunteers from Waiuku. Marcus was excited about the venue once he worked out his options, so thanks from the Finn class and hope we have the opportunity to invite you back. 

Wow what a prize table. To the sponsors. thanks again for supporting the Waiuku Yacht Club.Your donations made the event extra special. All prize winners were appreciative with their gifts. So, many thanks to  Peter Kruse "a Finnster" Roger Hull from "Doyle sails". Jimmy Summerville "The Village Bar & Kitchen". "Dave & Maureen's Wines & Spirits" and "CRC" Products.


Now the sailors. I hope you all enjoyed the regatta. To Rob and Ben, hope the trip back to the USA was ok. You two brought real character to the regatta and sailed well. Rob was heard saying "I'll be back". Ben the boys want to know if you received a Thames passport? Let us know some time.

Gerrit for wining your final race, and the look on your face when receiving a Finn class life membership. Priceless.

To John Duff our outgoing secretary. Made the medal race which was his goal. A great regatta and thanks for your secretary years.

Chris Wells from CH CH .Winner of the handicap prize, and takes a donated cheque home from the NZ Fin Assoc to the Sth Island Assoc of $500 to help out down there. Chris, Dave Hooganboom and Ray Hall stayed at my place. Thanks boys we had a ball. Shana enjoyed the company.

The Douglas clan. John, Brad and Daniel Bush.  3 new boats join the fleet. All great sailors, and are keen to see the fleet grow. Brad was one sailor who pushed Dan Hard at times. Good for the class. Great to see Bushy back. And John what a awesome job of refurbishing your Finn.

Ray and Roger Hall. Ray, mister consistent, a 3rd overall and took out the summer series "Craig Monk" trophy. Roger always looked fast and saved his best for the medal race with a 3rd finish.

Justin showed good speed all regatta, but will be remembered for hitting Chris over the head with a chair at prize giving, by mistake apparently.

Kevin Stone with his new Dacron sail looked fast, but when it counted in the last race, just pushed tooo hard and canned down wind. this couldn’t take the smile from his face. He had a ball all 4 days.

Great to see Dallas Bennett back in a Finn after 20 odd years. Man could he make that boat fly. Welcome back to your club Dallas from the Waiuku boys.(Buy a Finn)

To Stu Munro, Peter Atkinson and Peter Hull what a battle you guys had. Just goes to show there are winners right though the fleet. Awesome racing boys.

Brian Saunderson and the sssssss Dirch Andersen were there a bouts all regatta. Butch still has the fastest looking boat and Dirch lays down for no one. He was spotted trying to qualify for the medal race without finishing in the top ten. A ssllyy move Dirch.

Royce Hawkins had some gear failure which doesn't help for a good result ,but he is one of the keenest in the fleet and is a valued Finnster. My pick for the big improver next season.

Dave Hoogenboom and nzl23 had a right royal ding dong battle all regatta, even finishing overlapped in the medal race. Man it feels good to be back, but the honors went to Dave this time.

A thanks to John Simmons, Commodore Geoff Letcher and Jim Goodare for lending their boats to Chris, Dallas and Ben.

Thanks Sarah and Candice for photos and slide shows after each days sailing.

Must mention the little trailer man "Tane Mahuta" for having our beach trolleys read for us and the many photos he took. Thanks my little moko.

Well Finnsters whats left to say. A great nationals with heaps of camaraderie. Sailing in numbers adds up to a "bloody good time." Be involved with next years programme and let the new class secretary, Ray Hall know your thoughts.

The final results are posted on the NZ Finn web site.



Hi Finnsters.
 Veterinarian, is this an older Veteran  Finn sailor or someone you take your sick dog to? Miner miner miner, what a great regatta we had. Good courses, good breeze and great camaraderie.
1st the hard luck story. Raymond Hall leading the regatta, only needing a top 3 finish in race 5 to take 1st prize, only to see his mast come down due to a mast step problem.
Some positives are the C Tech mast is ok, and a few days working around the clock should see nzl 232 up and running for the Nationals in a fortnight.
This opened the regatta up again with several boats in with a chance.
But new Finnster on the NZ Finn fleet seen "Rob Coutts" showed all his Finn sailing knowledge on the last day to take out the regatta by 2 points.
Many of the 13 Finn fleet had memorable moments over the two days.
Geoff Letcher sailing as fast as any one.
Justin Hurst leading around to top mark twice.
Many boats rounding all marks together over 35minutes races.
The awesome reachers we shared side by side, and of course the wing mark and all the different ways to round it.
 To Peter Atkins on his beautiful wooden Finn, first seen in the Finn fleet for years.
And of course the Vanguards, happy with nzl 23, and man was Butch fast. Then Stoney won 1st handicap prize.
 Gerrit is fast, look out when he get's his tactics right.
The ssssssss Dirch H, still the best cheat down wind.
Duffy was the quiet assassin all weekend, there about all regatta and happy sailing amongst his Finn mates.
 Then there was Ben Leibowitz from the USA, student to Rob C. Ben finished 3rd over all and 1st apprentice in Jim Goodares' boat. Ben Has the ability to become a very good sailor in his chosen  class, hopefully a Finn
.A big thanks to Kevin McGee, Ken Letcher, Stu Shadgett Tane Mahuta and Margret Hull for running the races.
The 2 Kitchen boys and barmaids Peter Hull and, welcome back, Kevin Stone. The prize table and "CRC" our regatta sponsor.
 Well guys the Nats are just around the corner, still some doubts about our southern mates making the trip. Here's hoping they can.
So we need a good turnout. I repeat myself on this topic all the time, but sail your Finn while and when you can, be-course the day will come when you can't.
Bloody good sailing all weekend Finnsters, and love the camaraderie.

Results. R Coutts. A Dawson. B Leibowitz. R Hull. B Saunderson. J Hurst. J Duff.
D Andersen. G Letcher. G Bearda. K Stone. P Hull. P Atkinson.

Handicap. K Stone. J Duff P Hull.

Apprentice. B Leibowitz.  


Hi Finnsters.
   A perfect days sailing with 8 boats an a steady breeze from the west 10<>15 knts for the 2 champs race.
All boats looked up to speed with the top mark hotly contested, even on port. Dave and the ssss Dirch having an issue with buoy room with in the 3 boat lengths and ending up touching as they rounded. So a protest launched. Even so, with a down wind finish we were busy on the start boat taking placings, as most of the boats were finishing overlapped. Justin H had excellent all round speed and took the 1st gun from Dirch, and a fast finishing Duffy taking 3rd place from Dave 4th. Then Jim, Royce, Gerrit and John Simmons who is enjoying his Finn sailing.
  2nd race saw Dave at his best controlling the start and all challengers. Maybe fired up after the P/S incident in the first race. Dirch chased him hard for 2nd with Justin again sailing well for 3rd. Some good pressure down wind so a few passing lanes for those looking, so once again very close finishes with Gerrit, Duffy, Jimmy, Simmo and Royce finishing in that order.

  The club had an excellent day celebrating over 35 boats total on the water and a good turn out for the family BBQ. Its been a while since Ive seen so many new members enjoying the Club. Great stuff.

  With an organized protest committee, we quickly confirmed the new first race placings. Having Justin as a witness to the top mark incident confirmed the committees decision. (But all so remembering Justin's passed history of hitting more boats than "golf balls" ha ha) So we decided Dave and ssss Dirch placings in the 1st race will be reversed. Final out come.

  Check the sailing program, don't forget about the night race this Wednesday 7.30pm start. Bring your boat or come and watch how some people sail better when they cant see.
Also sailing next weekend at WYC Sat<>(Sun champs). Early start and the last tune up opportunity  before "Doyle" Pt Chev Auckland champs.




Hi Finnsters.

Waiuku waters at it best. W/S/W 20<>25 gusting 30. White water and waves for Sundays champ race.
10 Finns on the line for a boat start, 40 min races. 2 triangles an up and down to the finish.

 Best place to be was at the wing mark to witness all the different ways of attempting the gybe. Some of our junior sailors went out in the inflatables to watch so they could learn this skill. Very entertaining.Some good ones, up side down ones, a few grannies thrown in by some, but very entertaining.

  Raymond Hall was once again grinning from ear to ear with these conditions, but Dave Hoogenboom kept him pretty honest in both races.For the rest it was pretty much survival mode, as in get round the track. Dirch, Gerrit, welcome back Stoney, Justin, Duffy, Simmo and new Finnster Royce Hawkins all had their moments, some of it swimming after their boats.
 A good turn out considering Geoff, who watched over the junior fleet, Jimmy G, Peter H, Rex E and myself were there with out our boats.

 A great start to the day with bacon and eggs for breaky cooked up by the "slash" Peter Hull, still recovering from his leg laceration after his solid showing at the Nth Island camps at Thames.Then all the exhilarating sailing, and the debrief.
There just happened to be a 40 once of rum with a loose top to attend to, and of course welcoming Royce to the class. He had mentioned that most of his sailing is on keel boats, so I told him that's just what the Finn feels like to sail and he would be right at home out there in the breezy conditions. Later, with both feet bleeding and bruises all over,
Royce questioned my comparison over a drink, but did said "I will be back" A real "Arnie". (Same size).
 I can't wait to get out there with you guys and do battle, but that's a way off yet, so keep up the numbers and entertainment. Real pleasing with the turn out on Sun.

This weekend we have sailing Sat <> Sun.
 Family BBQ on Sunday after the champs race. Always a high light. Bring your own food. Its time we used the balcony, have a few quiets, feed the family and watched the sun go down.
 The results will be on the board by next week, but here are the first 4 placings.
Race 1 Ray H. 2 Dave H. 3 Gerrit B. 4 Dirch A.
Race 2 Ray H. 2 Dave H 3 Dirch A. 4 Gerrit B. 

Please keep the subs rolling in as there is a cost to running our fully functional club.



Congratulations to the 11 finnsters that made the trip to Thames. From a spectators point of few, an or-some regatta, for those that fronted and sailed the light to exhilarating conditions.
 6 races with 5 different winners. Brian S, John D(Duffy), Roger H, Ray H, Roger H and Dave H.
All the boats had good speed and the sailor that stacked the hardest went the fastest. Not a lot between rigs, more fitness.
 OOD Kim Ardmore and his helpers made sure the courses were will set and the program completed. Sat saw the fleet sail in light N/W breeze with lots of over taking lanes due to shifts and current, but the same for all. Brian S(Butch) controlled the first race once he had the lead and sailed well to hold out the challenges. Duffy picked the right down wind lane to take the 2nd gun and Roger, in his beautifully o/hauled boat looks the one to beat when the breeze kicked in, taking race 3.
 On day 2 Ray showed some off the technique he learnt from the Gold cup by powering his boat around the track with a high work rate up and down wind to take the gun. Roger took his 2nd gun after a quick sail change between races, but was chased hard by the fast improving Dave H and the return of John Douglas, who after many years away from Finn sailing, really fronted up. If not for a memory lapse I'm sure he could of won race 6 although Dave had the bit between his teeth and powered up the last beat to win going away .
Gerrit was fast all regatta with his ex RH rig and sails, just needs some fitness. Dirch was always in the thick of it, and like I said when skippers stacked their boats went fast. Duffy was a bit down on power for the sun races in 15<>20 from the west, but showed more time in the boat will help. Butch never gave up, and the old Vanguard sure looked like the ex 7 Nat boat.
 Peter Atkins, Peter Hull and Stu Munro are just a little of the pace in the bigger winds, but the competitiveness amounts the boys was a highlight to watch.
So a great weekend well run by Thames. Thanks to commodore Stu and his helpers, to Kim and the race offices and all the old faces we see each year, we will be back. To Gerrit our sponsor, and to the WYC for the use of their rescue boat, thank you.

 Roger Hall 2 (7) 1 3 1 2. Ray Hall 3 3 2 1 4 (dns). Dave Hoogenboom 4 (6) 3 4 2 1. John Douglas (11) 4 4 2 3 5.  Dirch Andersen (6) 2 6 5 5 4. Brian Saunderson 1 5 5 6 6 (6). Gerrit Bearda 5 (8) 7 7 7 3. John Duff 7 1 8 8 dns (dns). Peter Hull 9 10 9 10 8 (dns)
Stu Munro 10 9 10 10 8 (dns). Peter Atkinson 8 11 11 11 dns (dns).
 Congratulations to the 2010 Nth Island champ Roger Hall and all those that kept him honest.
Like I have said before, our class secret is we do travel, and once we are there we advertise our class and personal well. A pat on the back to you all.
Sailing at WYC this weekend.


Finn Flash.
Hi to all the finnsters.
We had some interesting racing at WYC last weekend. On the Sat the breeze was from the S/S-W blowing 10<>15 knts. We had a boat start out by the needles which gave the sailors a strong current and a bit of a chop with wind against tide.
Ray was down to set the tone and on the day picked up 3 good wins. He didn't have it all his own way and twice had to come from behind. With the others making crucial mistakes,and with John, Drich and Peter all capsizing this opened the door for Ray to get his hat trick.But as a spectator it was, great racing to watch.
On Sun we had the second champs day. The breeze was light,a variable S/S-W 0<>6 knts to start with. David H boat was in for repairs so I was pleased when he asked to use nzl23 and great to see her on the water again. We started the first race in tricky conditions and Dave picked the right side of the course when the wind went to the West and won the 1st race easily. The next two races where sailed in Westerly 10<>12 two up and downs.
 And yes, a long time coming but Gerrit's purchase of a wing mast from Roger H has made his boat fly. An excellent win with Peter Hull, yes Peter Hull, pipping Dave H on the line for 2nd.
It was pleasing to see John Simmons out in nzl228. The first time the boat been wet since the nationals and right on the pace with John, Jim and Butch. Hope this becomes a habit John and well sailed.
We finished the days sailing with a sprint race With the ssss Drich holding out Dave and Duffy.
 All good stuff to watch. Once again thanks to Margret Hulls help on the committee boat and son Alan for manning the tower. For the 1st time in a long time the club was fully functional with the inflatables, committee boat and tower all in radio contact. Well done Alan H
A great day for the club with over 20 boats out racing. That's the target to beat now.
Champ results.
Race 1. Dave, Dirch, Gerrit,John S, John D, Jim, Peter
Race 2. Gerrit, Peter,Dave, John D, John S, Dirch, Jim
Sprint race. Dirch, Dave, John D,Jim, Gerrit, John S, Peter

KZ70 was for sale on T/M. I'm sure she was the plug for the mark 1 Martins. She had a KZ 228 sail, and some other good gear on board, boom, rudder, center plate,compass, inspection hatches, pussy pads stack straps and pulleys etc . A few of the boys were bidding, but a Thames person was on a mission. Reserve $100, sold for over $500. The boat needed a slight repair and a repaint, so hopefully we may see the guy at some stage .I will let him know about the Nth Islands this weekend.
A reminder to you all that this weekend, 13th and 14th is the Vanaheim Technologies North Island Finn Champs at Thames.  So get the boat out and come and enjoy some great sailing and hospitality at the Thames Yacht Club. Support Christine like she supports us.
See you there Saturday
Hi Finnsters
We had the first of our champs racing on Sunday with a reasonable turn out of 6 boats which made for good racing.
 A light breeze out of the Nor West with 2 up and downs for the course and a boat start. 2 races
 Dave H looks pretty series this season and seem to have the best set up for speed in the light conditions. It looked like SSSS dog Dirchs' conditions ,but Dave never was threatened once in front.
Some real close racing amongst the other boys, which made excellent watching from the committee boat.
 Commodore Geoff was a little off the pace and tended to sail his boat in a different mode to the others, but will be quick when the breeze kicks in. Dirch, Gerrit, Brian and Jim all had their moments, but go the wrong way and you missed out big time.
 So not a bad way to start the season, but not the 20 knots we wanted for some stand up down wind sailing that I know you guys have been training for. Next time. We finished the day with a sprint race won by Gerrit who pipped SSSS on the line. Well done Gerrit.
Race 1 Dave, Dirch, Gerrit, Brian, Jim, Geoff
Race 2 Dave, Brian, Dirch, Gerrit, Jim, Geoff
Sprint race Gerrit, Dirch, Dave, Jim, Brian DNF, Geoff DNS.

At the debrief we had venison stakes with the beer supplied by Paul Kane. Thanks Paul and your boys for the feed.
It was decided not to sail Monday, but a few of the Finn boys went for a successful white baiting trip with me on the Waikato.
We had a 40 once of rum to kill time which made for an enjoyable day, I had a couple of nips and thought I had sun stroke until reading the label. 80 PROOF.Woo.
 My mate Larry Murphy cooked up a beautiful feed of bait for Jim, Dirch and I at our batch. Spud was celebrating after getting a 20 kilo lift. $60 a kilo, an awesome day.
My apologies to Ray Hall who came down to Waiuku for the invitation race advertised for Monday, but canned on Sunday. Bad communication. I have some whitebait for you Ray.
North Islands coming up soon.

Sat saw 3 Finns out in a good blow 4 the opening weekend. More Finnsters watching than sailing, I hope this is a one off.
 Geoff ,Justin and Stoney had a real testing day with Justin taking taking 2 guns to Stoneys one. Justin was in match racing mode and covered Stoney well to win his 2 races. Geoff was on the pace ,but struggled a bit down wind. From the shore it looked like his fang wasn't working as it should and maybe this is why he had a swim. So Justin 2 Stoney 1.
On Sun we had the first up the creek race. Good to see Dave H out in his boat and looked pretty smooth on the tiller. The race took 2 hours to complete in 10<>15 knots. Dave had an early break on the fleet of 7 which he would hold on to and take the race. With a boat start it enabled me to check out the boys rigs and speed. Once again Stoney and Justin were at each other which enabled the SSSSS Dirch to control 2nd place behind Dave.We have renamed one of the creeks Letchers Bay after Geoff had his 2nd can for the weekend up this unnamed inlet. A great race and not a waste of time as some would think.So well done to those that fronted.
A bit of gossip, (1) maybe Geritt has a new rig to show us. (2)I saw some pictures of a Finn sailing up north. I'm sure it was Roger Hall at the helm,but whose boat was he sailing. (3) And Ray has his gear back from the USA, so the next time we sail could be a good one with heaps of boats and stories to tell.(4) Technora sails on special.
Not to far till the North Islands at Thames, the Hartleys have pulled the pin on the regatta, so we have the water to ourselves. The first chance to show everyone that Finnsters do travel.
Sailing at WYC next weekend with 4.5 m tides, cant wait to see the boys on the water in good numbers. 
The worst thing about sailing is not sailing.