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In New Zealand waters Waiuku Yacht Club is the Home of the Finn. The Finn is a current Olympic class, a big boat for big sailors of at least 85kg.

Waiuku has a regular fleet and annually hosts the National Finn Masters Regatta



The Zephyr is a New Zealand yachting icon dating back to the early 1960's. Classic lines and a fast hull make the Zephyr more popular than ever. Ideal weight range starts around 65kg.

Waiuku has a proud history with the Zephyr with a regular and growing fleet.



The smaller sibling of the Zephyr and another New Zealand yachting icon. Originally designed to bridge the gap between P Class and Zephyr, the Starling is suited to weight ranges of 50 - 70kg.

Once a common sight at Sandspit, numbers dwindled in recent times but we are please to see a growing fleet again and competitive racing each week. Boats are easily sourced and range from a few hundred dollars upward.



The Laser was designed for low maintenance and easy rigging, it is an Olympic class with Standard (men) and Radial (woman) sail forms. The laser in size falls between the Zephyr and Finn, the Standard sail suits those over 70kg, the Radial for those below.

Waiuku has a handful of Laser sailers and some club boats. Boats can be sourced easily from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.



The 'Bathtub' dates back to 1947 and is the where most young sailors learn the art. The Optimist has an upper weight limit of 60kg, the lower limit is more governed by maturity (8 years seems ideal.) For racing, the 30 - 60kg range is the accepted ideal.

The Optimist is our Learn to Sail boat of choice, progressing to racing Optimists or jumping up to a Starling depending on age, size and skill. P Class often bridges that gap, but Waiuku doesn't at present have a fleet.



Most sailors try to join our existing classes to make racing more interesting for themselves and to be eligible for club champs points. We do however have the occasional Micron, Europe, Hobby Cat, or Hartley 16.