Notice to members 18th September 2020

As we move into our Sailing season and find ourselves still in lockdown at Level 2, we must
adhere to a few procedures which will enable us all to get sailing again so long as we keep to
distinct groups of ten or less.
Sailing will take place in L2 as follows:
•Learn to sail and have a go days are on hold until Covid alert levels allow.
•Regular club sailing days may continue.
•Please scan the Covid-19 QR code with your app on arrival.
•Also ensure you sign in if you are hitting the water – and when you return. Clipboard on
Kitchen counter.
•Please use the hand sanitisers provided in Club facilities.
•It’s important that we keep the groups of ten separate. Please stay 2m+ clear of anyone
outside your group. If you aren’t in a group, stay 2m+ away from everyone else, both on
and off the water.
•Any visitors to the sailing day, including friends and family, must please keep the required
distance from all participants in club activities.
•Boats must be thoroughly cleaned after use.
•Observe all government social distancing and hygiene recommendations. Stay home if you are
We need to do a great job of managing this so that we can continue sailing as much as possible
through summer.

Thanks from the team at Waiuku Yacht Club.

AGM and Sailing change

OK so unfortunately the extra restrictions of groups no more than 10 in auckland mean we cant have our openday and AGM as planned this sunday. Plan B is we will still have sailing at midday, whilst maintaining social distancing in the yacht park. Please dont gather in the club house. We will follow this with a virtual AGM on zoom (invite will be published shortly) at 430pm. For the technophobes amongst us, we will set up a computer in the club with the TV to cater for 10 or less. 😁 Prize giving will be postponed to coincide with end of this coming season. Dont be shy to attend, dont let the club be run by boring old men. Ladies im expecting more good engagement to diversify the club. Lets get some teens to help out Hamish for a youth voice. Please take a turn as a club officer as its fun and we need to share the commitment. Or just be a committee member and assist where you can.

Update Aug 25th

Hi everyone,

unfortunately it has been a bit stop, go, stop at the WYC this winter. Covid restrictions has made operating a bit of a challenge. We did get a very successful FINN Masters and 3.7 Invitational over the line, great numbers and happy to report the cash inject into the coffers has helped considerably to meet annual bills. Thanks to all that made it possible, especially Dawsy for doing the hard yards, Dave for his time and of course Kieth and Pam for cleaning up after wards. Your service is allways appreciated. Justin has been busy planning a number of have a go days with the local schools in lieu of YNZ organised events. Our two learn to sail programs are in the calendar as well. Appreciate all the assistant coaches and helpers that are all ready putting their hand up to assist. We are investigating options on a new shed roof, the current one is showing daylight. Any one have a good (cheap) option please get in touch. We are exploring several sponsership options as well as a RHIB replacement to provide a better coach boat.

The AGM and openday is in doubt for the 6th of Sep, even at level two for Auckland there is likely gathering restrictions of no more than 10.  Standby for an update on this.  The format at this stage is sailing midday, AGM 1500, Pot luck/prizegiving 1600 – 1800.

Unfortunately we have decided to increase subs by $10 this season to cover the increased YNZ fee.

Gary is organizing a BIC Open day early in the season possibly 28th Nov or 5th Dec. There is increasing interest in this emerging fleet. Certainly mixing in the Starlings and P Class with this group is not a problem.

We have added 6 plastic Optis to the fleet from Murrays Bay. This will give us plenty of spares to support LTS and Have a go. We will have a working bee morning of Oct 17th to make sure everything is ship shape.

Finally, we are still looking to have a 420 group of teens this summer. Stay in touch on this front if interested and or find a friend to bring along. Happy to start from scratch.

Committee WYC

Update 15 July

Hi All,

Things are starting to get busy at the club, the program has been updated on the website with the Finn Masters, 3.7 invitational, Winter sailing, AGM and LTS dates.  Pass the word.

We are also looking to run a couple of Have a Go days for the local schools with Justin our super coach. Amongst other things we are looking to repair the roof on the  shed, if you’ve got cheap options please get in touch.

The 420 fleet is slowly getting repaired, we will look to re-invigorate this come spring time. Also looking to get the junior program back on track once it warms up.  Standby for a working bee before the summer season as well.

Please like our facebook page for regular updates and subscribe to the website newsletter,

Hope to see you on the water, committee WYC

Winter Sailing Starts 24th May

Just a quick not that we will start winter sailing this sunday, gates open 10am for about a midday tide.  Its been a while so will be a bit of fun and exercise.Due to Covid L2 restrictions we have a safety plan for the day;


  • a simple course, safety briefing will be outside
  • Maintain social spacing of 2m in boat park and club.
  • All sailors and supporters sign in for contact tracing.
  • Will have a bottle of hand san at sign in board.
  • 2 man crews by agreement within your bubble.
  • Have gloves and mask available for safety boat operator in case of hands on rescue
  • Kitchen closed, bring your own food
  • social gathering afterwards of 10 or less by agreement with no contact between groups.
  • Wipe down all club surfaces afterwards.