Notice to members 18th September 2020

As we move into our Sailing season and find ourselves still in lockdown at Level 2, we must
adhere to a few procedures which will enable us all to get sailing again so long as we keep to
distinct groups of ten or less.
Sailing will take place in L2 as follows:
•Learn to sail and have a go days are on hold until Covid alert levels allow.
•Regular club sailing days may continue.
•Please scan the Covid-19 QR code with your app on arrival.
•Also ensure you sign in if you are hitting the water – and when you return. Clipboard on
Kitchen counter.
•Please use the hand sanitisers provided in Club facilities.
•It’s important that we keep the groups of ten separate. Please stay 2m+ clear of anyone
outside your group. If you aren’t in a group, stay 2m+ away from everyone else, both on
and off the water.
•Any visitors to the sailing day, including friends and family, must please keep the required
distance from all participants in club activities.
•Boats must be thoroughly cleaned after use.
•Observe all government social distancing and hygiene recommendations. Stay home if you are
We need to do a great job of managing this so that we can continue sailing as much as possible
through summer.

Thanks from the team at Waiuku Yacht Club.

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